How to Tell Your Best Stories in a Resume

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The summer before my senior year of college, I helped edit a paper phone book. My supervisor Mike, a technical writer, worked on the design and content strategy. I proofread and checked numbers, dialing phone numbers ranging between five and 15 digits. When a person answered, I repeated their number back and said, “Do I have your right name and phone number?” Given that I had already dialed the number, the voices on the other end of the phone rarely corrected me.

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5 Tips for Early Action and Early Decision

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With so many colleges offering versions of Early Action and Early Decision, one of your strongest admission moves when figuring out how to get into college is to get your first applications finished and out the door by the Early Action deadline.

Even if your high school doesn’t spend much time on college admissions--or if most people from your high school apply to the local college--here are five reasons why you should get started now, and send out a handful of Early Action applications.

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Choosing and Using Your Defining Moment for Writing Supplements

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This past summer on the campus of the University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC), I worked with College Summit peer leaders, high school seniors, to craft their personal essays for college applications. They joined 70 new peers from around the country who each only knew the other three people from their high school.

 They had never met me, and yet we were going to be required to spend 15 hours together over four days. Over the course of the week, the students met the other attendees, worked with college coaches, attended peer sessions, and learned to live in a dorm room with someone they had never met.

When asked what was unique about themselves when we began the writing process, each struggled to identify anything. Since the four in my group knew each other, I asked them to share what they thought was unique about the others. Suddenly, we had a starting point.

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Student Essay Example: Person of Influence

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This blog is part of a series featuring supplemental college admission essays written and approved for publication by Story2 students. This essay by Ricardo, a graduate from NYU, was chosen because of its authentic dialogue, and use of the Story2 Moments Method, which emphasizes focusing on a specific moment, and the action taken by students to reflect a value and characteristic that’s unique and authentic.

By Ricardo, NYU ‘16

Prompt: Indicate a person who has had a significant influence on you, and describe that influence.

Covering his ears while walking past the Central Park carousel, Daniel began to hum a tune that greatly overwhelmed the carousel’s music. People walking down the street gave Daniel a second glance as he was running past the carousel. Daniel is my little brother. He is 10 years old and is diagnosed with Asperger’s. He typically watches the TV in our living room, but on any other TV, he covers his ears and hums a tune as if he is listening to a screeching melody that nobody else can hear. Daniel often sticks to me like a magnet, trying to figure out what I am doing. One minute I am alone in my room, doing my art homework, and the next minute I can feel Daniel’s breath on my back, and see his eyes absorbing the environment of my room. I put on Cartoon Network and whispered to myself, “I wish he would leave me alone.”

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How to Write Your “Why This College” Supplement Essay

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For high school seniors, applying to college can feel like an entirely new experience. It requires students to think critically about who they are and where they’re headed, perhaps for the first time in their life. Until then, going to college might be a very abstract idea, and students may be making decisions based on very little actual research.

As a College Coach with College Summit, I always ask Peer Leaders and other students I work with to share their college lists before I make other suggestions. I want to hear their reasons for thinking about each of the colleges. Typically, they say “It’s close to home”; “My friends are applying there”; “It has a high ranking”; or “I can’t afford anywhere else.” I reply, “Think of the college’s point of view. Why should they take you? How will you contribute to the campus? Are you going to be a typical student for them?” As you begin to think more specifically, your list will become more specific to your needs. Most of my students have realized that there may be a range of colleges they can afford, and that there may well be opportunities beyond what they have dreamed of. If students understand the process, they can embark on applications with confidence!

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